Secondary Research


Here is some of the research i gathered that helped me define my question, research was taken from March 2014 – December 2015.

Guerrilla advertsing

  • This book gave me a huge insight to just how much advertising is changing today, and also what companies are doing about it and what they think about the change. How companies are using the old techniques such as television but through a different light, using the media to get their advertisement across for example Microsoft panting their 16,000 stickers around New York.


Making 168 news articles, was clearly there plan as the sticker where static-cling (static electricity) which left no residue or damaged anything it was on. This was a low-cost advertisement that communicated with the world using a tactic outside the traditional techniques. Also shed some light on how much technology is a big part in today’s advertising, we see 1500 brand messages a day not all of these are through the traditional methods such as posters and television ads. Nowadays: you can download info to your phone by scanning a code; have screens in street ad-shells triggered by sensors, when a consumer walks past a movie star may wink at them interacting with them making them want to watch there next movie. Big ad agencies are becoming aware of this change and are setting up certain departments that produce non-classical advertising techniques. Weiden + knennedy London have set up Fat, Saatchi & Saatchi have set up Saatchi & SaatchiX and Fallon London have set up Happen. Agencies that fail to adapt and evolve to change are in danger. There are some fantastic caste studies in this book that really shocked the world and that is the great part of advertising great advertisement never dies.


Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, and co-author Jeannie Levinson, present fans and new guerrillas with the first book to deliver the best of Guerrilla Marketing—a combination of the latest secrets, strategies, tactics, and tools from more than 25 top selling Guerrilla Marketing books. Learn how to reshape your approach to branding, advertising, social media, networking and more—ultimately, making more money, while spending less.


  • This book helped me work out the methods of guerrilla marketing explaining the procedures using the diagrams in the book. Showing the tactics of the strategy. Also goes more into depth about the do’s and don’ts of Guerrilla Marketing explaining good words and strategies to use. Although his book was very interesting the only information i can use are the diagrams to explain the methods.

While searching in the library i came across a book it was specifically for guerrilla marketing it was about advertising in general. I was able to find a useful quote which i would like to include in my final dissertation as i feel it i s appropriate.

“is often effective in persuading people to buy the advertised goods.”

Birch, Lionel (1962) The advertising we deserve?, London, Vista books


Guerrilla Marketing: The Nature of the Concept and Propositions for Further Research.

Katharina Hutter and Stefan Hoffman

Surprise effect: The core principle of guerrilla approach is to surprise consumers with unexpected activities in order to draw their attention to the advertising message.

Instruments: Ambient marketing and sensation marketing are instruments that explicitly try to surprise consumers by placing advertisements at locations where consumers do not expect them. Ambient marketing is the guerrilla variant of classical outdoor advertising.

Efficiency and success drivers: Guerrilla marketing claims to achieve a highly efficient ratio of costs and benefits due to surprise effect, diffusion effect and the low cost affect.

  • This whole journal to me was very interesting and really went into depth with the effects and instruments used to create the surprise affect which is guerrilla marketing.


Jie Chen 2011

Explore Guerrilla Marketing Potentials for Trade Show

was a very helpful journal for me as his point of view was more about human psychology.

  •  small firms to be founded on human psychology, profits, and cooperation in business to increase their competitive advantages rather than struggling with struggles its competitors


Drung, A., & Fahrenholz, K

Guerilla Marketing – Old Philosophy with Future?

Although this journal was very helpful to me i couldn’t find as much information as i wanted to about my specfic question. I was able to take their opinion of what guerrilla marketing is and the effect is has.

Johnson, P 2011, Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing 1st Edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Online Articles

DKNY Guerrilla Marketing painted with poor taste By David Hogarty  in 2008. Explains the DKNY campaign that crossed the boundaries by painting the solid white memorial bikes bright orange, resulting in the community fighting back all orange bikes where removed by law enforcement.

Space150 is an agency that made a campaign for Forever 21 that was opening a new flagship store in times square. The billboard interacted with the community and even went on to win an award. The crowds gathered to see the billboard resulting in law enforcement to ask them to another billboard as the crowds where causing traffic.


Hyundai took over times square to interact with the consumer by video game using there own phones. They had to download the game, connect to the Hyundai wi-fi located in times square then they were able to play the game on the big screen. The game was obviously a Hyundai car racing around the track, the whole of Times Square stopped to pay attention to this game, making it a perfect advertisement.

  • This video will be a greta comparison for how good guerrilla marketing can target a whole community and using traditional techniques and still have maximum results.

The walking dead being a massive TV show world wide is well known for their creative advertising ideas. To promote their second season they hijacked a cinema with a zombie, and connected it with the trailer that was showing at the time, resulting in someone shooting the zombie from the advert. The cinema audience had no idea what was going on and it all became clear when the trailer revealed it was the walking dead.

  • A great example on how to advertise a TV show creatively and affectively.


A very useful blog for this dissertation where i took a number of posts was Creative Guerrilla Marketing, they have been around for a number of years. They highlight the good and the bad campaigns which was very useful for my second chapter. While also discussing how far the technique has come and where they see it going. They have a number of guest writers that post on their website, i found this was my main source of information throughout my dissertation.

I found a very useful article on the top 50 campaigns that dared to be different, i was able to take a number of case studies from this blog and use them in my essay.

Coca Cola Campaign


I was able to find a great website that conducts surveys online to see where people most pay attention to advertising. By doing this i was able to see weather people prefer face to face interaction, word of mouth to see which technique is most popular.


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